Woop Woop!, is a feeling of joy and can often exclaim ones amazment. A general happy exclamation.
Woop Woop! I won! Thats Amazing, Woop Woop!!
by RebelPenelopy September 07, 2008
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Juggalo term for "what's up" or used in agreement to a statement.
Joe:Yo dawg Or Joe:I need some weed
Jim:Woop Woop! Jim:Woop Woop.
by Dirtweed March 13, 2005
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A place a long distance from an 'urban' centre.

Typically used to describe Outback Australia.
A: I'm gonna be moving soon - new job.
B: Oh yeah? Where'ya goin'?
A: Small place, out woop-woop. Money's good, though.
by LordDeathKill May 09, 2007
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