Loud clad noise expressed with ultimate sass! Used when showing excitement. Usually followed by a shake of the index finger, hand waving gestures and the occasional slut drop.
Friend - β€œWe’re going out tonight”
Steve Harvey -β€œWOOP! WOOP!”

(Proceeds to shake finger, down white wine and slut drop nearest piece of furniture)
by QWERTY has qwerty was February 02, 2019
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Something one says whilst simultaneously grabbing at another individual's nipples. This is generally followed by a period of intense nipple-related pain for said victim of the WOOP-WOOP.(See YON-YONS)
"Goddamnit you just pinched my nipple!!"
"Should have said 'YON-YONS', bitch.."
by Phoenix138 May 02, 2006
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An internet term popularized by, *Tony Huynh,meaning excitement,and or,the feeling of accomplishment,FTW

n00b 1:I just killed my first orc!!!

mom of n00b:woopwoop
by LOLZER828 January 18, 2009
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