A woodle is a mix of the words Wood (and erection) and Noodle. It is used to describe an erection that is not completly hard.
Let's get out of here, i got a woodle and dont want to be pitching a tent.
by hustlerSF August 16, 2006
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the act of woodling - to woodle something is to woodle it. CITRUS THE ORANGE LORD SAYS SO
by Citrus the orange lord November 06, 2004
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A woodle is a name given to someone who jess is friendly with. Woodle is a positive, happy, joyful noun which is a compliment to those whom get called one
You are such a woodle

Hey woodle !
by J e s s s s e j October 17, 2017
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code word for sex used by Indians, like from India, not Native Americans
This word is a complete sentence itself. Nothing else is required, although it can be incorporated into a sentence. e.g. Last nights woodles was great, here is the money for your services.
by George Lucas??! December 16, 2004
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