being high and drunk but happy and non violent or sleeping or puking
i smoke sum grass and drank a forty now i am woodered
by goatimus May 16, 2011
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get me some wooder
by ray December 22, 2003
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the philly way of saying water. aka the only right way to say it.
mom, can we go get some wooder-ice from rita’s?
by awesomesauce29 August 5, 2019
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How people from Baltimore saywater
Baltimore guy 1: ain’t you love our tap wooder
Baltimore guy 2: hell yeah, we have the best tap wooder
Outsider: what’s wooder

Baltimore guys: what you survive because of
by RMX Frick9ine February 7, 2020
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(woo-der-s) adj. 1. not intelligent or clever, slow at understanding things. 2. in a state of stupor. 3. backward in mental development.woodersly adv. wooderity n.
"that monkey is acting woodersly"
by i am wooders March 30, 2004
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sumthing u call someone when they act gumby or stupid.
"youre such a wooders!"
by vinny March 27, 2004
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