3 definitions by Tobi D

the leader of the red team. Hates Grif and loves the suckup Simmons
Speaks in typical sarge voice.
I only drink the blood of my enemies! and occasionally a, uh, strawberry yoohoo, or a sasperella... grenadine! straight from the can! Deeeeelicious! Oh, and occassionally i do enjoy a Sex on the Beach, or a piiiina colada. If you like pina colada,yea, gettin caught in the rain, yea, if your not into yoga, yea, Grif just has half a brain, uh.
by Tobi D March 10, 2004
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Bumbling idiot of the blue team, also blue teams comic relief.
A.K.A O'Malley
Tucker: Caboose, that is rediculous!
Caboose: Is it? Or is it sooo rediculous, it's the most rediculously perfect idea...that you never thought of?
by Tobi D March 9, 2004
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