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Small town in Colfax County, New Mexico known for high concentration of drugs and low concentration of jobs. There used to be a coal mine but it shut down and put hella people out of work. West side of town is where Main Street is at and is the better side of town. Then there’s the East side, which is mostly ghetto and full of drugs. Raton has so much potential, considering how beautiful the landscape is. This town has lovely history and culture though and I wish the best for it.
Dude 1: you ever been to Raton?
Dude 2: I’m from there, not a great place. Can definitely improve though
by RMX Frick9ine January 16, 2020
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How people from Baltimore saywater
Baltimore guy 1: ain’t you love our tap wooder
Baltimore guy 2: hell yeah, we have the best tap wooder
Outsider: what’s wooder

Baltimore guys: what you survive because of
by RMX Frick9ine February 7, 2020
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