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aka tila tequila according to her myspace, which 90% of people on there had her as a "friend". don't really find her attractive, not exactly a very gorgeous female.
I find most of the normal girls on myspace more attractive than this tila nguyen.
by vinny April 17, 2005
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gorgeous, hot, good-looking, when describing a girl
She's so keira knightley I really want to ask her out!
by vinny April 8, 2005
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A dookfonder is something that lays eggs inside ones anus. It feeds off the fluids in the inner rectum and nurtures the eggs until they hatch and proceed to completely take over the host. The host then becomes becomes deranged and has a sole intent of murdering pastries and eating the creamy carcass left behind. The host also becomes susceptable to menstrastion of the anus into which he/she injects massive amounts of maple syrup. It should also be noted that the behavior of the now dookfondered host can be likened to that of a douchy Ernest Borgnine lookalike.
noun: Dude while you were passed out Mike totally shoved a dookfonder up your ass. Sha.

adverb: You just got dookfondered bitch.
by vinny April 28, 2004
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The biggest metal band on the planet, but I agree, some people just can't appreciate the sheer genius of their music.
The best Iron Maiden song has got to be "Hallowed Be Thy Name".
by vinny October 18, 2003
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trying to spell "cool" on msn, it can be used in many ways to say stuff.
that thing you said was coik
by vinny April 25, 2004
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1) A vehicle which carries firemen and fire fighting equipment to the scenes of fires.
2) A substitute for the word "Fuck", which has risen from a (false) rumor that Soupy Sales said on his kids show "What starts with F and ends with UCK?" Firetruck!
1) The firetruck went to the burning house.
2) Go firetruck yourself.
by vinny February 9, 2004
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i saw a jiker walking down the road so i picked him up , his chopper must have broken
by vinny March 17, 2005
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