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One of the lead vocalists of the kpop group Monsta X. He is extremely ethereal and has a nice set of abs and thighs that can kill you if you were to place your head in between them. However, he is more than just his looks and body. He loves the other members with all his heart, has a voice that can hypnotize, is a mama's boy (don't bring up his mom, he'll start crying), and is Monbebe's biggest fan. Also, he is a fashion icon; he can rock booty shorts better than 99% of all these other girls.

Overall, he is just a wholesome man. You should stan. Unless you're stanning just for his looks or body, then never mind, don't stan.
McDonald's Worker: Hi, what can I get you?
Me: Can I get uhhhhh love and appreciation for Wonho?
by monstaxaremydads November 07, 2017
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Wonho is that boy that suddenly is the wrecker of all your bias list and you don't expect that. He is the perfection in person with his amazing voice and body. A cute but charming boy that will make your heart go fast the first time you see him. Wonhoe is the king.
by Mishioku December 25, 2016
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the softest and most talented baby boy ever. and he is not just some six pack for you to sexualize ungrateful ass bitches
"did you see the new stage of monsta x ??"

"yes!! i love wonho with my entire heart he is the most precious human being i would kill for him. thank you for coming to my ted talk"

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by fuckurchikenstrips May 30, 2018
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ur ultimate bias wrecker. u start with everyone else in monsta xexcept him and somehow ure redirected to him in a matter of days. has beautiful abs, lined up like rows in a bar of chocolate. white chocolate. his abs r the best in korea. super hot. makes u feel a lot of things. visuals 10/10. if u dont think hes hot pack ur bags and go to south korea right now.
wonho is such a bias wrecker. but he's so amazing.
by wonhoe_x April 25, 2017
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A member of Monsta X who can be cute and sexy at the same time. Overflowing with talent and charisma. Also a genius producer. His love for Monsta X and monbebe can not be defined. The softest bunny ever.
Fake bebe brain: I only like wonho because of his body and looks.

Monbebe brain: ‘cries while listening to if only’ omg wonho derserve so much love, he’s the most loviest and cutest bunny ever.
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by IloveMonstax January 23, 2019
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Someone who is a sexy cry-baby
Hoseok begged me to watch his performance, his wonho side appearing as tears welled up in his eyes and a devilish smirk crept across his face. I couldn't help but oblige him.
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by 20billionWONho July 18, 2018
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