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Monsta X is Korean-Pop boy band (K-Pop) that debuted on May 14, 2015 through the survival television show "No Mercy!" Thy are under the company 'Starship Entertainment' and the members consist of:

Shownu 🐻 - The leader, vocalist, dancer, oldest member, and fluffy-manly father of the children

Kihyun 🐹 - The main vocal with vocals of an angel, fluff ball at heart, mother of the group, savage
Hyungwon 🐢 - Dancer, vocal, handsome-no-matter-what-he

-does, model bae

Wonho 🐰 - Dancer, vocal, sexy, hot, cute, abs, illegal, soft at heart

Minhyuk 🐕 - Vocal, happy-virus, ball of sunshine, fluff ball and, brings the laughter and fun wherever they are
• Hooheon 🐝🍯 - Rapper, great rapper, swag, scardy-cat, cry-baby, adorable, aegyo-expert
• I.M. 🐶 - Maknae (youngest member), rapper, derppy, "sexy like butter", doesn't look his (or acts like his age either)
Person #1: Do you like Monsta X?
Person #2: No..
Person #1: .........
Person #2: I love MONSTA X!! 💕
by Monbebe March 02, 2017
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Monsta x is a kpop group that have 7 members in it.
•Won ho
Person 1:Do you know Monsta x?
Person 2:Yes.Why are you a Monbabe?
Person 1: Monbabe?
Person 2: Its a fan name of Monsta x.
by 아자 December 26, 2016
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A hot asf K-Pop Boy Group that has 7 perfect asf members that have flawless skin

Person: you know Monsta X?
Person 2: YAS BITCH
by Totally Not An Android 2 August 05, 2018
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