(n.) vaguely pejorative Cantonese slang for foreigner. Translations differ depending on who you ask. Apparently it was once meant to mean "foreign devil" (an extreme insult), but usually these days is said to mean "ghost man" due to white foreigner's pale skin and is used as a general term to mean foreigner. Gweilos get upset about being called this. Chinese think it's no big deal.
Chi sin gweilo.
Maa faan gweilo.
Fo shizzle ma gwizzle
by el revez May 14, 2004
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Gweilo is Cantonese. It translates as 'Ghost Man' and is used to describe a Caucasian foreigner.

Although most of China is familiar with this word only Cantonese speakers use it as a derogative way of describing a white person.

It is considered highly offensive in Mandarin China and with some white people.
A Cant (Cantonese person): "Did Gweilo like his dessert?"

Cant waiter: "Yes he did."

White mixed European male who ate THE dessert (and knew what the word meant) remarked: "Did that Cant just call me a Gweilo???"
by Karlosus August 23, 2009
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Cantonese slang for white people. It literally mean "Ghost man"
Go dou! Gweilo is coming!
There! Gweilo is coming!
by Cantonese man December 11, 2018
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Cantonese term for westerners. Used typically in a derogatory fashion.
White guy: Whenever I go to China for work, they always insult me by calling me a gweilo. I just call them chowhi and we all have a laugh.
by Small Yeety December 10, 2018
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A way of greeting, often used in vietnam. AZNromeo is the founder of this word.
by rotiboyboy June 19, 2020
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The Gweilo Special is a meal from an Asian restaurant specially made for white people. The gweilo special is prepared without sauce or flavour.
Kim got his Korean fried chicken with extra spicy sauce, but Tim got the gweilo special because he can't take the heat.
by Coomalaide June 20, 2022
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