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(n.) vaguely pejorative Cantonese slang for foreigner. Translations differ depending on who you ask. Apparently it was once meant to mean "foreign devil" (an extreme insult), but usually these days is said to mean "ghost man" due to white foreigner's pale skin and is used as a general term to mean foreigner. Gweilos get upset about being called this. Chinese think it's no big deal.
Chi sin gweilo.
Maa faan gweilo.
Fo shizzle ma gwizzle
by el revez May 13, 2004
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Gweilo is Cantonese. It translates as 'Ghost Man' and is used to describe a Caucasian foreigner.

Although most of China is familiar with this word only Cantonese speakers use it as a derogative way of describing a white person.

It is considered highly offensive in Mandarin China and with some white people.
A Cant (Cantonese person): "Did Gweilo like his dessert?"

Cant waiter: "Yes he did."

White mixed European male who ate THE dessert (and knew what the word meant) remarked: "Did that Cant just call me a Gweilo???"
by Karlosus August 23, 2009
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endearing term for someone of obviously superior genetic composition. Used by the Chinese to describe white people.
He/She is a gweilo, i am so jealous
by nom dee plume April 10, 2011
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Meaning ghost, gweilo is what the assholic Chinese people call their worst enemy, the whites, who they blame for every problem in their shithole of a country since the Opium War of 1840-1842 which in their brainwashed minds by propaganda is still continuing. They then demand their "right" to "their share of the American economic cake" and sue for discrimination while being racists in places like Hawaii and Queens.
by ahsay November 01, 2018
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