a city outside of DC in Maryland, where an extreme diverse of middle class, upper class, and lower class people are all thrown together. the area is made up of just about every race and language.
rockville is a shit hole where a kid in a bmw will drive by some ghetto ass kids selling crack.
by tittay February 22, 2005
Located in Montgomery County, Maryland, third richest county in the US. Suburbia with a touch of the ghetto, where the places to be are Regal and the Pike. Home of the Rockvillians and girls who know how to work it.
by mb November 7, 2004
1)a place where middle class kids who's parents work at NIH pose as underprivalaged urban youth.
2)the less wealthy of two middle class neighborhoods in the 3rd wealthiest county in the country, althought the popular consesus is that the kids are "ghetto."
rockvile person-- "my dad makes me drive this ghetto ass volvo to school."

flint Michigan person--"wow your parents own a car??? you must be rich!"
by or-2-zar October 21, 2004
Pretty sweet ass place but Potomac kids wont even step to us cuz they get robbed 200 dollars for an o when everyone knows its 90 bucks for an O of mids. So come down to R-town and step to me and my boys and see what happens... RHS 06!
Mikey: wanna smoke a blunt
Kyle: yeah dude
Jordan: you betcha
Jack:lets get high
Joe: I love rockville
Cameron: fuck the police
by Biggy what? September 3, 2005
The sweetest city in the 3rd richest county in the US, where some of the best parties are thrown between the gated communites of the Preserve, the Willows, Manor Country Club, and Brooke Manor Estates...and you better believ that the parents will be aprtying too!!!
Dad: Son, is that a keg you have in the backyard on the golf course
Son: Ummm, yeaaa
by Samantha Gallagher October 23, 2004
Diverse city features an astonishing lack of quality females, who seem to be in denial about their own lack of quality.
Guy says to Friend: Man there's no quality girls in Rockville.

Nosy girl overhears and replies: Uhh, there's like 3 hot guys here and SOO many hot girls. You guys are idiots.

In unison, guys stare at girl. Slowly, she realizes her astonishing lack of quality. Begins to cry.

Guys chuckle and high-five.
by Jarvis McCallister May 30, 2005
has a pretty tight high school, which is rockville high who has an awesome lax team who always packs there bags and bring it.
rockville lacrosse players-
Joey:pack ur bags
Danny:cuz were gona bring it
by MikejonesWHo October 12, 2005