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The name of a very friendly enby. They probably have other enby friends and if you're their friend then you're probably also either in the LGBTQIA+ community as well, or have many queer friends.
Sock went to their room.
Hey Sock do you wanna go to dinner?
by Sunshine_:) January 15, 2021
A term initially coined by feminists meant to separate women from the patriarchy by removing the relationship of the words 'women' and 'woman' from 'men' and 'man', and by extension, the patriarchy.

Recently, the term has been used in an attempt to include minority groups of women, like women of color, disabled women, etc. Most prominently, it has been used to include trans women, and just as controversially, if not more, non-binary and femme identities.

The inclusion of all of these identities (except for non-binary) through an alternative version of women, implies that they aren't really 'women', but 'womxn', while people still refer to females as women. This is extremely othering to trans women specifically, because it spreads the idea that they are not actually women. It is also problematic, as women are the group of people identifying as female, and non-binary is NOT the same as woman, so it shouldn't be included within the word 'womxn'. Sure, the word is separated from masculinity, but definitely not from women, which is casting a too wide net to be so closely tied with women, since non-binary identities aren't just women but more inclusive.

Please stop using this word, as it is very othering, and invalidates the identities of trans women and non-binary PEOPLE (not women NOR womxn).
Twitch: March is Womxn's History Month. Join us by celebrating and supporting all the Womxn creating their own worlds, building their communities, and leading the way on Twitch.

A minority person annoyed by their wrongful inclusion in this word: stfu Twitch you're annoying literally everyone except the oh so elite white able cis women who think that they're 'woke' and 'inclusive'
by Sunshine_:) April 13, 2021
1. Non binary person
2. Non binary
I am a nonby, and I use he/she pronouns
Nonbys are cool beans
My friend is nonby
by Sunshine_:) January 29, 2021