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In Theory: a gender-neutral form of Latino/a
In Practice: A word invented and exclusively used by woke English-speakers to express their discomfort with gendered language, and impose their values of gender-neutrality on the Spanish language and Latin culture. Its creation and usage is an example of ironic cultural imperialism.
Out-of-Touch Progressive Politician: I want to thank all my Latinx supporters in the non-binary POC community.
by CerebroX December 1, 2019
Tl;dr: intersectional alternative spelling of "woman"/"women" meant to include transwomen and non-white women

Pronunciation: unknown

Etymology: "Woman" refers to any adult human female. 2nd Wave Feminists determined "woman" to be misogynistic because it included the word "man" and invented the alternate spelling "womyn." TERFs and other old school feminists took ownership of "womyn" to explicitly exclude transwomen as mid-2010s activists developed their Intersectional value system. The activists invented "womxn" to explicitly include transwomen and non-white women. It is possible that non-white women needed to be specifically included because Intersectional ideology believes any feminism that doesn't explicitly focus on non-white issues is "white feminism"

Unintended implications: that transwomen and non-white women aren't included in the word "women"

Popularity: "womxn" passed "womyn" in Google Trends in 2018
The TERF womyn protested changing "women's sports" to "womxn's sports" so women wouldn't have to compete against transwomen.
by CerebroX May 18, 2020