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1. A word uttered by the priest units from the original Age of Empires game, usually when attempting to convert an enemy unit over to their side. Since then it has been used as a taunt in subsequent Age of Empires games, baffling all those who've never played the original game.
"I'm in Ur Base Killin Ur Doodz"
by Solidus Snake November 12, 2006
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The chant used by a priest unit in Age of Empires, when converting a member of the enemy tribe to its own.
Tribe 1 centurion: 'Hey look, an enemy priest!'
Tribe 1 other centurion: 'Wow, I wonder what he's doing all the way out he-'
Tribe 2 priest: 'Wo lo looooooo.' 'Wo lo loooooo.' 'Wo lo loooooooo.'
Tribe 1 other centurion: '.............MUST. ATTACK.'
Tribe 1 centurion: 'Whoa, WHAT?! AAAAAAAH!!!'
by rugtas May 18, 2011
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Used by console gamers to originally describe William101, which then turned into a generalized call for any reason whatsoever.
Also used as a chant when egging someone on to complete a task such as a rubicks cube.
by Wololoooo April 25, 2011
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Warcry of the terrorist sect, "Coalition for the Liberation of Itallian Tree-dwellers."
Wololololololo! Death to the land walkers!

(Look at the acronym)
by Macadaciouse May 09, 2004
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