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An area in Among Us where, no matter what, you will always die. It doesn't matter what map, you will die. Be sure to check here for bodies if alive.
Crewmate 1: Hey, uh, can someone come to Electrical with me?
Crewmate 2: Yeah, sure.
Imposter: I'll tag along too.
*some time later*
*Dead body reported*
Crewmate 1: It's *insert imposter colour here*! They killed *insert crewmate 2 colour here*!
Imposter: *insert crewmate 1 colour here* is acting kinda sus. I think they're the impostor.
*everyone else votes crewmate 1*
*crewmate 1 is ejected*
Game: Crewmate 1 was not The Imposter.
by TheCrusader1296 September 15, 2020

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A total, complete and utter twat. A racist, misogynistic, ignorant piece of crap that runs Britain. An absolute shithead who has decided to build himself a plane and fly to Bulgaria.
British Guy 1: Hey, have you heard of Boris Johnson?
British Guy 2: That utter piece of shit in charge? Yeah, I've heard of him.
British Guy 1: Yeah, he is crap, isn't he?
by TheCrusader1296 July 02, 2020

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A statement relating to a speculatively unfeasible activity in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, where Jones climbs into a fridge during a nuclear explosive test. It's also a synonym for "jumping the shark".

However, contrary to popular belief, nuking the fridge is feasible.

The fridge in the scene is lead-lined, so Jones is shielded from the initial burst of radiation. However, some have pointed out that the fridge is still in the radiated zone, so 20 years are off of his life, except they aren't. Remember, he drunk from the Grail, so the remainder of its power is dissipated when it shields him from radiation.
Normal Guy: Hey, you think the nuking the fridge is a feasible scene?
Responder: Nah, it can't be. How can he survive a nuclear blast from a fridge?
Intellectual: Actually it is. The fridge is a) lead-lined and b) sturdily built. So yeah, it is feasible!
Responder: Then what about the radiation? How's he not losing 20 years off his life?
Intellectual: Quite simply. He drank from the grail, remember? The power he gained from that dissipated protecting him from it.
Normal Guy: Huh. Never knew it was.
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by TheCrusader1296 January 10, 2021

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A chant used by the priest in Age of Empires, usually when converting an enemy troop. Referenced in Minecraft and The Henry Stickmin Collection.
Priest: "Wololo!"
Converted Troop: "Narwini."
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by TheCrusader1296 September 30, 2020

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