awsome or cool. similiar to the words dirty and dangle
tom threw down a 360 dunk and bill exclaimed "that was frickin wobbly"
by wobbles1225 March 19, 2008
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A Word often used to describe a person acting dumb or stupid aroung other people and makes a complete fool of himself when they make a lame comment that makes them look very blonde and/or stupid!
1. why is he acting so stupid it's just like a Wobbly

2. He's been acting like a Wobbly since he was Dropped on his head!
by babyy434mamm21a May 12, 2009
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Another word for your period, created as when you are on your period, your really uncomfortable so you wobble
"shit! I'm going out tonight and I just got my wobblies!"
by Dingaling12376 April 10, 2015
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An asian person that is normally found in canberra, this person likes to play cs with his freind and likes to skip school in ornder to play more computer games.
your such a wobbly!
by Anonymous March 19, 2003
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(adj) dmv slang; sloppy, unorganized, inaccurate or not factually sound, some type of way, one kind
1. These weathermen stay making wobbly predictions; they say it's boutta snow but it's 75 degrees and sunny.
2. Her whole outfit was wobbly man; those boots were not poppin.
by yourfriendlyneighborhoodO March 15, 2017
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