A sensory transmission which causes one's body to teeter, rock or lean repetitiously. A sensation caused by listening to certain styles of Drum and Bass or Dubstep music.
The wobble, it comes!

by LopezFold November 17, 2008
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A method of masturbation where a girl sits on her foot and rocks forward and back 'till she comes. Often processed in crowded classrooms where it is inapropriate to masturbate in public.
Man it was crowded in there! i had to wobble to get my relief.
by Daihlily April 18, 2007
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When you wanna take a poop and it's just not time yet. (Earlier stages of constipation/bloating.) Located in the upper stomach/colon.
"Man oh man, I got the WOBBLES."
"A couple of hours ago I had the wobbz, but I just got that shit done with."

by Jordan Alexis March 9, 2008
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Its a word used to describe how drunk your are or how good you feel When intoxicated.
Also used to describe how crunk a party was.
1. "Hey bro how you feelin right now? Im feelin wobble as fuck".

2. "Damn yo this shits wobble as hell".
by Synthetic1993 October 16, 2009
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