British slang for talking nonsense at length. Often used with the word 'on' (as in 'wittering on') to suggest that the speaker has no particular point to make, they are just talking on and on, as if the talk has developed a momentum of its own that prevents it from ending. Probably used more in the North than the South, and used more often with regard to women than men. However, when used to to describe a man, there is a strong suggestion of weakness, or unmanliness.
Why were you on the phone for so long?

It was my mum, she was wittering on about how I never call her; and she wonders why....
by JG El Supremo January 12, 2018
short for "with her"

also see wittim
by Claus May 15, 2006
Something you do when you talk rubbish with no particular reason, meaning or audience.
Oh stop wittering on man no one is listening to you again.

You wittering idiot.
Please stop wittering you're hurting my ears.
What are you wittering on about now?
by Never witter July 26, 2010
verb: to use to tell the world about your mundane life; tweet crap; over-using Twitter.
"Dat gal dem's tweeted 'bout her nail extension got mash up in the Waitrose checkout!"

"Cha, she does nuttin' but bare witter, truss."
by 0ad February 15, 2010
To ramble, usually about total shite (and usually drunkenly)
"I'm really sorry about wittering on the other night. We really should have gone for an espresso instead."
by Graham November 25, 2003
n. Rhyming Slang Shitter. From lead singer of York-based indie band Shed Seven meaning:

1. Toilet

2. Arse

Alternative: Gary Glitter
1. He had to get to the Rick Witter fast after that vindaloo.
2. I bet that Elton John takes it up the Rick Witter.
by Witter September 14, 2011