The act of presenting a "wish" as a "forecast". It is a portmanteau of those two words.
The president said the economy would pick up soon but he was just wishcasting.
by TommSciortino January 2, 2020
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The act of having a "wish" or "desire" for a weather event to intensify. In hurricanes, it is a wish for the hurricane to intensify or increase it's stats.
Hurricane Harvey will get upgraded to a Category 5!

I want 30 inch snow!
by Farm Hurricane August 11, 2018
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A tactic in "journalism" used to promote a story as true simply because the writer wants it to be true.
Did you see that New York Times article claiming Trump threatened to invade Mexico? That was some tasty wishcasting.
by The Tastiest July 25, 2019
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Act of "wishing" a storm, such as a hurricane, would come your way to "add excitement".
It's gonna be a cat 5 coming right to my boat in Mobile! (on every swirl in the Atlantic)
by MikeC September 13, 2004
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Prediction based on desires rather than realistic expectations or sound analysis.
Corporate wants us to triple production every year based on their latest wishcast of 30 million sales by 2030.
by alter_ego_48118 January 23, 2022
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