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v. To make libertarian arguments from logical first principles and without reference to actual experience. Especially when arguing that outside experience can not disprove your argument *even in principle*.

Often used by anti-libertarians in a derisive manner.

Derived from "praxeology" as invented by libertarian philosopher Ludwig von Mises.
Your friend was really praxing out when he said that privately owned courts would be more just than democratically governed ones.
by TommSciortino January 26, 2015
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The act of presenting a "wish" as a "forecast". It is a portmanteau of those two words.
The president said the economy would pick up soon but he was just wishcasting.
by TommSciortino January 2, 2020
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To change the zoning of a plot of land to allow more housing to be built on it.
This neighborhood was all super-expensive single-family homes until the city upzoned it. Now it's legal to build dense condos/apartments so I can afford to live here.
by TommSciortino August 26, 2020
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