When an action is done that is so mind boggling Win, one must stand off to the side, and give a round of applause. Most common when someone completes a task at over NINE THOOOOOOUUUSSSAAAAND!
Jack: Hey, I need you to hack the CIA.
Mila: Alright!


Mila: Well, I did it...
Jack: Good, good, what did you do to them?
Mila: I actually hacked the Chinese so they would think that the CIA hacked them. Thus causing a third world war.
Jack: You miss, are made of Win. I applaud you.
by Hellspam December 09, 2007
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Someone who has a nice home shaved mullet and is just straight up steezy... usually a guy named andrew can be win.
by The Genius Sk8ter Not Hater November 02, 2010
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1. the word that cannot be spoken
2. WIN is not a number. It is not a name. It is not a verb or a noun or an adjective

it is simply win

the only two people who win know who they are. i see you

hannah and mandeep
by Hannah and Mandeep August 27, 2010
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buy the domain for your pet vlog
An interjection, used when something excellent happens (usually sung in falsetto).
Dude, I just got the new Weakerthans CD. Win!
by Tasty August 29, 2003
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The act of defeating one in a challenge. Whether it be a game, life, or just simply existing.
Man, Tati and Jacqi win so hard, they can never win any competitions, because their existence alone wins so much it steals anybody else's chance of winning. Therefore, there's no win left standing to let them win the competition, yet they win through existence. Which, thus creating... SUCH a win.
by Jackattack567811113 February 12, 2011
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Wins is the common phrase used by small penis individuals who have won a game of Fortnite. The amount of wins a Fortnite player has determines how long there dong is (the more wins, the shorter dong)
Yeah bro me and my bud Jack got some hard Wins on Fortnite yesterday
by CameronDOTgov June 18, 2018
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Whip Inflation Now. It was a pin people were encouraged by Gerald R. Ford to wear in the 1970's to discourage runnaway inflation.
Geez, I wonder why Bush hasn't broken open Gerald Ford's surplus WIN buttons, inflation is going to get serious if he doesn't do it soon. It may have taken 15-20 years and a couple recessions but those WIN buttons really did the trick.
by mlhiss April 04, 2008
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