The act of defeating one in a challenge. Whether it be a game, life, or just simply existing.
Man, Tati and Jacqi win so hard, they can never win any competitions, because their existence alone wins so much it steals anybody else's chance of winning. Therefore, there's no win left standing to let them win the competition, yet they win through existence. Which, thus creating... SUCH a win.
by Jackattack567811113 February 12, 2011
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2 words

''Chuck Norris''
'' A round house kick doesn't just kill you, it wipes your whole existance from the space time continuem ''WIN''
by Slash /// January 08, 2009
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What your machine or gadget does when it breaks down and quits on you.
Well, the transmission's shot, or the head is blown, or it wouldn't start this morning. My car wins! And I lose in this old time-money-inconvenience round. That temperamental, or worse, heap of lemon! You win if you nip the sucker in the bud with a minimum of drama.
by Milt Alwin February 13, 2011
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Whore In Training. Canadian word.
Mariah is such a WIN she cheated on her boyfriend with her best friend's boyfriend
by Lena June 05, 2004
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What famous actor Charlie Sheen believes hes doing everyday but he just says that cause he got kicked off his show.
Charlie: I win at this I win at that I win at everything

viewer: Yeah okay charlie!
by the last mertoff March 10, 2011
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