To put a document into a wiki format.
"If you wikifi that document, we could all write and edit any part of it while online."
by polymathwannabe March 28, 2006
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The term used when you link a word to an article on Wikipedia the online encyclopaedia.
I wikified boner but it was later removed.
by Alex Brooks February 25, 2005
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To make something conform to wiki convention.
I need to wikify my document or it won't be accepted.

Whenever I wikify something I have to improve it quite a bit.

by Patrick Eberhart June 20, 2006
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When a person quotes an incorrect fact from Wikipedia and are then called on the matter, they are said to be 'wikified'.

Usage of wikified in this situation was invented by Colin Murray on Radio 5Live on April 6 2009.
'John Smith was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia' according to Wikipedia

'No he doesn't, he was born in Dagenham, you've just been wikified'
by delToro87 April 06, 2009
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