The day the hottest people are born on☝️ So pretty and the most generous, forgiving energy they are so easy to get along with and someone who can never be replaced
You (Sofia): hey my birthday is April 6
Me: 💍?
by sofias_gf April 27, 2021
The only genuine day where kings are born and no one can deny that
My brothers born on April 6
I’m so fucking jealous
by GodOfEverything692 November 2, 2019
April 6 is national eat food day, the birthday of many crazy monkey’s and they are pretty low key about it
by Lil bean 77 October 30, 2019
National knee em ballz day!! Today, you are allowed to knee your friend’s ballz.
Mary: *knees jack’s ballz*
Jack: ouchhh
Mary: It’s April 6, Happy national knee em ballz day!!
by pentagonix April 2, 2022
Only real bad bitches are born on April 6 you have an attitude and you're not afraid to show off your body. You are one of the most iconic bitches with the bad bitch attitude go have fun on your birthday you slutty bitch
April is the bad bitch month only true hoes are born on April 6
by bxby_yas October 15, 2019
national gossip girl day. only the best ppl are born on this day
gossip girl season 2 episode 3 minute 21 and 40 seconds

random dude: hey guys it’s April 6!
other guy: really omg let’s go watch gossip girl
by bitch764 October 24, 2019