to look up any person, place, event, or other uncommon and random thing using
He wikied the word shnitzel and found that it was German for a sort of veal steak.
by Animesh September 30, 2006
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1. Spending a copious amount of time (that can usually be spent doing something that is generally considered more productive) browsing and learning odd bits of trivia from *Wikiing can also be used if you are referring to adding a new Wikipedia entry or modifying a current one.

2. While is the website that originated the word, wikiing can also be used if a user is utilizing other web-based wikis.
I've been wikiing all night long and now I'm going to screw myself over on my big test tomorrow.

I am so good at wikiing. I've made more entries than anyone ever.

I learn everything when I go wikiing at night.
by Ro-Mac January 07, 2008
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To search something on Wikipedia, usually in an attempt to disprove someone else. Can also be said as Wiki-That, or for a more broader search, Google/Yahoo-It/That.
Kirk: Hey, did you know that pink floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" totally syncs up with "The Wizard of Oz"?

Spock: Thats illogical. Let me wiki-it.
by Dr. Leonard McCoy April 27, 2009
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V. to look something up in
What's a candelabra? I'll have to wiki that.
by Megan77 January 18, 2008
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To look something up on the site Wikipedia.
To "wiki" is similar to to "google".
"Go wiki that and see what it says."
by deckyg53 August 04, 2007
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To have sex with; The noise that is made while one is having sex, usually due to a squeaky bed frame.
by woojieboojie July 29, 2009
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Look it up in "Wiki-pedia."
Don't Know what I'm talking about? Wiki-It,Yo.
by Waboa February 11, 2009
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