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The largest freshwater(Lake Huron) island in the world, with the largest freshwater inland lake on an island,(Manitou Lake) in the world. This Island in Northern Ontario has beautiful scenery and beautiful people. The People there live on their own relaxed time. Life moves slower with twists of technology throughout. The Island is a beautiful place to vacation and an amazing place to live. There are several small towns on the island. You may take the swing bridge in Little Current, which swings in the seasonal summer months, on the hour every hour(during daylight) or you can take a boat or the vehicle/passenger ferry, The MS Chi Cheemaun, which will take you from South Baymouth on the south east end of the island to Tobermory on the Bruce Penninsula.

People from around the world vacation here, and enjoy the gorgeous scenery and the eccletic lifestyles that are lived and enjoyed by the Islanders.
Manitoulin Island is thought by many to be the Eighth World Wonder of the World.

If you are born and raised Manitoulin Style, you are known as a Haweater.

People are known to throw their watches over the swing bridge as they cross, claiming Island Time.

Fishing and hunting are second to none.

The only traffic lights to deal with are to get on the island or to leave it.
by Manitou4Life April 06, 2011
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