A slang word referring to the female genitalia.
The woman I was with last night had some sweet veal.
by Hugenuts August 2, 2009
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Girls not of legal age, specifically 16 - 17 year old jailbait.
Even though you're right about looking at the menu as long as you don't order it, I didn't know you'd be looking at the veal.
by Niacin January 6, 2004
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A baby cow that was tortured so that
you could eat it.
I can't believe you're eating veal. That was a baby that never had a chance to live.
by meatloaf October 15, 2004
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The best meat ever slaughtered. Just ask Martin Scorsese's mom. Illegal in various parts of the world due to the concerted actions of animal-loving, cow-marrying, non-GM-tofu-eating, homeopathy-addicted losers, who believe that if only the calves lived just a little longer they would write the Great Mid-Atlantic Bovine Novel.
Veal. Yum yum. Boomshakka!
by Fearman July 28, 2007
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Baby cow. It tastes good 'cuz the torture.
I ate some veal today. I don't like it as much as normal beef, but the torture gives it a special taste.
by Chris M. Cohen September 22, 2006
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a girl whose ass looks like such an amazingly perfect and tender piece of meat that it just aint' right
Guy One: Yo, look at that little cut of veal passing by!
Guy Two: Damn, shortie got a booty! That just ain't right.
by Amony February 5, 2007
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adj. a pre or early pubescent female, who is still unspoiled. i.e virginal and without boyfriend; usually used to make family members uncomfortable.
dude, your sister is still veal, right?
by IUPUI March 6, 2009
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