Veal is a meat produced from calves.

There are three types of veal: "Bob" veal (calves slaughtered when only a few days old), formula-fed veal, and nonformula-fed veal or "red veal". Nonformula-fed veal calves are given grain, hay, or other solid food in addition to milk. Formula-fed (or "milk-fed") veal calves are raised in confinement on a solely liquid diet. The humane movement is most concerned with this group. The consumption of veal is an important part of the Italian and French diets, and the ancient part of these cultures. Due to the toughness of nonformula-fed veal, these groups are unlikely to see it as a substitute. Julia Child remarked in her The Way to Cook that nonformula-fed veal ought to be called calf.

Formula-fed veal calves are traditionally raised by restricting their physical movement in order to minimize the growth of tough muscle fiber and to keep their flesh white and tender. The finest veal meat comes from unweaned calves. Formula-fed veal farming is universally condemned by animal rights activists and other sympathizers and is used as an example of the cruelty of modern large scale animal farming, more commonly referred to as factory farming.

Veal bones are used to make veal stock, a base for many sauces and soups found in French cuisine, including demi-glace.
by SqueeCantCook October 06, 2006
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Girls not of legal age, specifically 16 - 17 year old jailbait.
Even though you're right about looking at the menu as long as you don't order it, I didn't know you'd be looking at the veal.
by Niacin January 06, 2004
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A baby cow that was tortured so that
you could eat it.
I can't believe you're eating veal. That was a baby that never had a chance to live.
by meatloaf October 15, 2004
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The best meat ever slaughtered. Just ask Martin Scorsese's mom. Illegal in various parts of the world due to the concerted actions of animal-loving, cow-marrying, non-GM-tofu-eating, homeopathy-addicted losers, who believe that if only the calves lived just a little longer they would write the Great Mid-Atlantic Bovine Novel.
Veal. Yum yum. Boomshakka!
by Fearman July 28, 2007
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Baby cow. It tastes good 'cuz the torture.
I ate some veal today. I don't like it as much as normal beef, but the torture gives it a special taste.
by Chris M. Cohen September 22, 2006
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Young female. Referring to a girl significantly younger than the interested male.
How old is she? She can't be a day older than 21. I didn't know he likes veal.
by Meat Lover November 13, 2007
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