A caucasian male or female that usually reside in upper or middle class suburbs that choose to imitate African American slang and culture and pretty much live a fake lifestyle.
by SamuraiNegro407 July 11, 2008
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A white person (usually 13 years old to 21 years old) that speaks like actual black people do. They think they're black because they listen to hip-hop and rap music. They purposely speak improperly to try to impress people. They wear clothes that are 3 times their size and wear their hats crooked and it makes them look like complete idiots. They walk down the streets with their "gang" and challenge old ladies in wheelchairs to fight them. When the old lady backs down they actually think they have accomplished something and they jump around saying "OOHHHH!! OHHHH!! damn nigga did ya see dat?!? we jus scared dat ole lady!!" But when the old lady actually challenges them, they run off like cowards and then they make up an excuse as of why they ran, and the excuse is always pathetic. A wigger is white trash that wouldn't last 1 day in the real "ghetto" or "hood" They might think they're tough in their country side of town or their suburbs but, they are too scared to go to an actual ghetto.
Wigger: Yo wat up my nigga?

Black Guy: What the hell did you say?

Wigger: I said wat up my nigga?

Black Guy: *SMACK*

Wigger: Wat dat fo dawg? *Crying*

Black Guy: Because you're white you idiot.

Wigger: I came from da tuff streets of Idaho man! Dey all consider me black dawg.

Black Guy: *WHAMM*

Wigger: *Crying* and bleeding.

Black Guy: *Laughing*
by WickedNinja13 November 30, 2007
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White Nigger. Reside primarily in white suburbia and use terms like "bling bling" "dogg" and "dang" with nauseating frequency.
Yo dogg, check out dat wigger wit da corn rows and fubu shirt. Dang, dat fool is off da chain! Know what I'm sayin'?
by Anonymous October 09, 2003
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A white person who wants to be a nigger!
God,you know they must be from suburbia, because even whites on welfare have a little more self-respect.
"A suburban wigger walks into a night club in Atlanta and gets shot."
"A suburban wigger walks into a biker bar and gets beat to death with a baseball bat."

You're not tough, just annoying.
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A white, often male, person who is attempting to mimic an African-American who likes Hip-Hop and R&B. Often a disgrace to many African-Americans and an outcast.
wigger: yo wassup honey, wanna hitch a ride to mah crib, baby?

girl: Umm....no? look i don't have time for this. *walks away*

wigger: well ive met girls way bettah than you. I have dozens waitin fah me at dat pimp crib of mine.
by Jin Kazama February 22, 2005
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A white boy, usually suburban, who while never setting foot outside of his picturesque, white-picket fenced, SUV packed neighborhood; is somehow convienced that he shares a deep connection with the urban, black poor because he listens to Eminem and wears FUBU despite the fact that he'd be in a bodybag if he ever went near the ghetto.

The term wigger is a combination of "white" and "n-gger", thus wigger, a white-boy who thinks he is black. There are also feminine varieties of the wigger but the male is far more numerous.
See the appaulingly bad movie, "Malibu's Most Wanted" for a depiction of a wigger conversely take a look at "8 Mile" for another example.
by R.Matthews December 05, 2004
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A wigger is a pathetic white person trying to blend in with black culture.
White Guy: Yo, nigga! This music is hawt!
Black Dude: Say that again and I'll woop your ass, wigger! You'll NEVER be one of us!
by Daviddv0601 October 19, 2017
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