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An evolutionized word, starting from “weave snatched”, to “wig snatched”, to “wig flew”, and now just to “wig”, because we are lazy. It’s basically a term short for “wig flew”, “wig left”, “wig disintegrated”, “wig in orbit”, etc.
stan #1: she’s nominated for a grammy!!!

stan #2: omg wig
by buterabliss November 28, 2017
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Wig is a term used to describe when someone does something (In their opinion) that is so good that they go bald.
Omg girl yasss snatch my wig to my fucking grave bitch.

Quiniqua just posted a new pic on insta and my wig is GONE sis.
by KA$H- MONEYQUA December 04, 2017
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When something happens so unexpectedly, that your wig flies off your head
Commonly used in stan Twitter language
Fangirl 1:You'll never believe who fuucking followed me
Fangirl 2: ohmygod who!??
Fangirl 1:Ethan fccking Dolan
Fangirl 2: oH shit!! WIG
by galaxy guy December 28, 2017
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to freak out// to spaz; to 'wig-out'
'i just broke up with jeremy and now hes wigging out'

'damn girl... get him some pills or something...'
by julie June 01, 2003
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to freak out; overreact
Don't wig on me, it was only an accident.
by ComaBoy March 10, 2005
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Someone who is fake. Term comes from the actual wig, which is fake hair used to try and look nicer when it's not real in actuality. Famously used by NeNe Leakes from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta".
"Now go to sleep, WIG!"
"That wig was at our party trying to act like she's high class."
by You'reAWizardHarry June 28, 2013
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