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A rich girl who doesnt deserve to be treated like shit just cuzz ya'll are jealous of her money and skininess.
Ya'll are jealous of Paris Hilton cuzz shes not 1/2 bad looking and is rich.
by Lex May 25, 2005
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best singa out der!!!
fer reel pretty
gets hated on frum otha girls cause deys jealous dey aint got her curves, her looks, her voice, in all dat stuff
go role model
Beyonce is soooo pretty
all ya hata's need ta bounce cause u can hate all yo want bt she still gonna be roun an havin da shit yo dnt
by Lex December 22, 2004
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Q : Hey, do you think there were even 12 monkeys who understood the film "12 monkeys"
A : No.
by Lex November 25, 2004
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Located in the heart of Chester!
It is a place where you dont want to cross the bridge or else you might get shot. It has about 5,000 students yet the parties are always at the same few houses or andorn. You always know someone at a party; almost everyone. The drunk bus is very convenient. It is the only school that can order pizza at 3am in the morning from ACAPULCO! While walking on campus late at night, a car drives by, and the thought of "a drive by" or getting raped by a CHESTERITE runs through your head at least once. Gotta love Chester!!!
by Lex February 17, 2005
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Sufficiently mentally unstable to attempt intercourse with a bat.
Dan Quayle is an ass clown, but his wife is batfuck crazy.
by Lex November 25, 2004
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Bat-and-ball game originating in Britain, where it is called “Rounders” and is principally played by schoolgirls.
At any given time it involves one pitching-&-fielding team, who must dismiss the batsmen by throwing the ball past them to a catcher, and one batting team who must strike the ball in such away as to enable them to run between the “plates” or “bases” and so amass points.

Apparently also played by grown men, in the Colonies.
Q : Will you be watching the baseball?
A : What, rounders? My good man, watching schoolgirls is *illegal* in my country.
by Lex November 25, 2004
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A person who feels there is a difference between rap and hip-hop believing rap is defined as ghetto music for thugs who love b'tches, hoes, and excessive jewerly. At a hip-hop event one can be spotted by the REI or Jansport backpack worn with one too many support straps, khaki's, adidas or pumas, a hoodie, headphones and hat of some sort.
Everytime I go to a Common concert I see mostly backpackers.
by Lex May 9, 2004
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