it is so expensive to go to whole foods, i just call it whole paycheck
i think i'll stop at whole paycheck for some samples.
by tripleniple March 17, 2009
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A nickname for Whole Foods Market, the now-famous purveyor of (rather high-priced) organic and fresh foods and sundries.
i'm headed to Whole Paycheck to pick up a dozen organic, cage-free, range-free, vegetarian-fed eggs and some sustainably farmed, sprouted quinoa; good thing i just completed that second mortgage.
by Lfrey April 26, 2006
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Likewise, in every supermarket in Canada, cuts of beef suitable for roast beef are terribly expensive. I go to the supermarket and look in the meat section for something I can afford. If my eyes stray onto the price tag of a roast of beef, what pops into my mind is the bit about the second mortgage!

PS It's "free-range" not "range-free."
I wish I could afford a roast of beef, but I've already spent the whole paycheck/second mortgage.
by David Ferrier September 24, 2007
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What you use to pay for your groceries at Whole Foods
Bob: "Where did you shop for groceries this week?"

Melissa: "I went to Whole Paycheck."
by iimurph March 22, 2009
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Simply another name for the super market Whole Foods. This play on words makes light of the very high prices of their inventory.
After shopping at Whole Foods, looking at his receipt Joe realized that his whole pay check was now gone. "Whole Foods?!! More like Whole Paycheck you skinny mother fuckers!!!" It was items like the 15 dollar maple syrup that drove the bill up.
by sourdeez May 26, 2009
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Just another way of saying "Whole Foods"
Have you tried the new flavored cottage cheese cups? You can find them at Whole Paycheck.


"Whole Paycheck" has the greatest selection of gluten-free products!
by Jeffrey Jacobs January 28, 2009
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