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In the sport of disc golf when a player makes a nice shot at the basket other players in the group may say "nice up". Basically it means nice shot. Note this is note said for a nice drive, just approach shots.
I was hundreds of feet from the basket, i hurled my disc and nailed it! Joe slapped me five and said "nice up!"
by sourdeez May 19, 2009
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When you get the last toke in a bowl of marijuana which is mainly ash, the result is a foul taste in your mouth which is sometimes accompanied with ashy debris from the bowl.
Joe passed me the bowl, i took a toke, it was the last hit, the monkey fart hit. Joe laughed as I gagged and spit ash from my mouth.
by sourdeez May 15, 2009
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Packing a personal bong load for each person in a smoking circle while smoking marijuana. The result is a nice fresh green hit for all in the circle. Very time consuming but everyone gets a fare hit.
Lets pack this bowl Cali style so everyone gets a nice tasty hit.
by sourdeez May 17, 2009
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Simply another name for the super market Whole Foods. This play on words makes light of the very high prices of their inventory.
After shopping at Whole Foods, looking at his receipt Joe realized that his whole pay check was now gone. "Whole Foods?!! More like Whole Paycheck you skinny mother fuckers!!!" It was items like the 15 dollar maple syrup that drove the bill up.
by sourdeez May 26, 2009
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An ugly chick for whom for some reason is hot.
Hey I know Meagan is ugly but for some reason i wanna bang her. She is ugly-hot.
by sourdeez July 3, 2009
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