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(n., v., or adj.) A process or result or act: when a person who is considered a minority adopts a lifestyle (including speech, mannerisms, clothing, etc.) that is attributed secludedly to those of European descent, white people.
1. She is whitewashed.
by SugarBear August 16, 2005

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very true, that there is no doubt whatsoever......
Customer- "when can i expect my delivery.
Worker- "I dont know, I work at Mcdonalds."
Me- "Dat real."
by sugarbear May 22, 2014

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FBS stands for full ball syndrome. If you have not released a load in atleast 24 hrs or more, you may be suffering this malady
Dam baby, I really need some sugar, I have a deadly case of Fbs
by sugarbear March 13, 2014

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