To be on or close to something.

the word does not carry any racist connotations, and refers strictly to the foodstuff "rice", which is in fact entirely white.
When the welfare cheque came, they were on that crack dealer like white on rice.
by poobugs November 27, 2003
In order of
1)A saying that means to be on to something or close to something.
2)White person getting some Asian sucky-sucky-five-dollar
3)To be correct

Some people think it a slightly racial term because in actuality, rice is brown and is stripped of its protein and converted to dog food. So I guess people think that it means "White is Right!" or something.
Those Trailerpark Mcgees we're in a hootin' and hoohaw, Tuesday HooHaw hootenannie-hodown like white on rice when the Methman came by with more Xtacy and Meth and Crack.

Let me get a HooHaw Tuesday!!!
by Xmoon June 29, 2006
A relationship, romantic and/or sexual, between white male and a person of Asian ethnicity. The term may be use to refer to both Asian male or female. Typically with the Asian being a submissive party, but not always; although the inverse is rare.
"Jason seems awfully lovey-dovey with that new Asian boy. You think they're getting some white on rice action going on?"
"Of course, he does. the dude got some serious yellow fever."
by Chinkboi4BWC July 4, 2020
A person, place, or thing that is all over (or stuck really close to) something else. Used to show an enthusiastic measure of popularity. Like an over-eager friend who is always hanging around, or a crowded restaurant.
That boy is all over her like white on rice!
by wgwcreative December 9, 2011
A statement that is given when something is as plain as day, no one can argue about differences.
Stranger 1: Don't you notice every time you light up a cigarette the bus comes?
Stranger 2: Like white on rice!

exact plain
by TheBigCanucklehead March 21, 2015
A food. Commonly used as a filler in meals as it's known to go with most anything. Also common due to being cheap. Kills birds at weddings.
I went to a Chinese resturaunt and got orange chicken over white rice.
by Melvin the Magician May 13, 2006