A group of men in a panel van who ejaculate on a unsuspecting bystander. Similar to a drive but with cum.
Grab the boys, we’re pulling a High Speed White Wash
by BigLeatherDaddy May 26, 2023
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When you're performing a sexy time on your girl and you unload on her chest, excreting ample amounts of semen in the process. The goal is to create a chest plate like coat of semen, in order to replicate the armor that of a Terracotta warrior.
Dan: Dude I nailed Chelsea last night, and turned her into a White Wash Warrior!

Nick: Far out dude! Hey maybe you could give me one sometime!
by C20H25N3O March 1, 2017
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When you sneak up behind one of your friends and jack off and cum all over their face
Dude you were Over the shoulder white washing me so bad earlier.
by Joey Smithy March 10, 2012
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When you fill a super soaker with cum and play a party game, the loser gets hosed down with the cum, thus. a White Wash
We played Spin the Bottle, Johnny lost and had to get White Washed.
by LootGoblinPenny October 21, 2023
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A Mexican dude who wears Flannels and crocs
“Yo you seen Leo today”
Yeah man he really became white washed
by Imtoospicy June 28, 2022
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The stripping of ones native beliefs and culture, forcefully converting them to the culture of white people.
Pocahontas was white-washed when her native peoples were colonised.
by Rayyers February 3, 2022
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