It's usually used when a good player starts playing the game again after a long period of time and it makes them look like they just got the game.
Mark was washed after not playing the game in over 2 years.
by miragexl December 9, 2020
A term used to describe a driver whose once top-end abilities have since dwindled to the point that they now frequent the lower divisions.
Example: That Charlie guy is so washed
by Mo-Bot May 24, 2021
You’re a n00b or trying to do something that is completely out of your depth / element.

Can also mean that you can no longer keep up with others who are more hip, experienced, or cooler than you. You’re past your prime.
You can’t go sockless wearing Nike Element 87s bro; you’re so washed.
by EvilMaldito October 12, 2018
A term used to describe a general feeling of exhaust, tiredness and lack of motivation. For example, after a long day at work, one may experience the feeling of being washed.

It is often used to describe a feeling obtained after smoking marijuana or day-drinking.
Sarah: Yo Chelsea, you down to go out and get wasted tonight?

Chelsea: Maybe another night, I'm super washed today.
by ilovemyducks February 27, 2010
To Get Beat Up By ANY one Male or Female
( To Have ah Fight & LOSE. )
Whit: Yo
Ty: Yea
Whit: Tell me Why This Girl Was Paping
Mad Shh.
Ty: Ya Fought ?
Whit: Hell yea. & Da Bish Got WASHED.
Ty: She Must Cant Fight
Whit: She Was Crying
Ty: Lmaoo !
by [tytyBEAUTY.] February 28, 2009
When a well loved and staple character is killed in a TV show or movie seemingly at random. Term is derived from the death of Hoban "Wash" Washburne in the firefly movie Serenity.
Tom: Did you see what happened to agent Coulson in the Avengers movie?

Harry: Yeah, it was so sad. He totally got Washed.
by JForestP July 15, 2013