that big guy just punked kyle for his loot!
yea man, that guys a white thug.
I know, heard hes always packing something. damn yo!
by Scoobiedoobie February 24, 2016
A white person who's street, criminal and/or violent. Unlike a "wigger", a white thug actually partakes in street culture and lives a tough/criminal lifestyle. A white thug is recognized for their authenticity through earning their stripes and respecting the game.
p1: yo, who was that wigger with them black dudes?
p2: That guy's straight up white thug. Man just got bailed for an assault case last week.
p1: oh shit, really?
p2: My word. I wouldn't fuck with em.
by Scoobiedoobie February 24, 2016
A stupid white kid who tries to be black and wears doo-rags, puffy jackets, long chains, raps and speaks like they came from a ghetto. Most "wiggers" are from rich mainly white neighbourhoods and have perfect familys.
Wigger#1: Yo nigga holla at me when yo see meh in da streets.
Wigger #2: G-g-G-g-G-g UNIT!! ight dawg. Check out mah new heat yo.. It's mah Supah Soakah XP twenyfah.
Wigger #1: Speakin o' twenyfah.. it's twenyfah to 7 o'clockizzle.. i betta b headin to my criby dib dizzle befow my mam n ma dad get mad yo.
by Billy July 7, 2004
The powerful upper echelon of 45’s base.
We are the White Collar Thugs 4 Trump and we will pay whatever it costs to keep our boy in office in 2020!
by Dr Bunnygirl September 9, 2020