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White trash that can be made useful.
Hank got out of rehab, started working at Wal-Mart - and hasn't been fired or even reprimanded yet. He's turning into a regular white recyclable.
by Kenneth Kelleher June 02, 2007
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A stuck-up, snobbish person on the opposite end of the spectrum as white trash who rambles on about going green and saving the environment and lives their life to that extent.
Co-worker 1: I just got a sweet new stereo system for my TV. I can't wait to try it out!

Co-worker 2: All that electricity use is killing our environment. You should think about installing solar panels like I did. Also, did you ever start that compost pile like I suggested?

Co-worker 1: Stop being such a white recyclable
by I effing love strawberries October 17, 2010
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