White boy's replacement or substitute for in place of the word"Nigga"; not used with the intent to sound like a "wigger", but with the intent to respect and not offend African Americans. The word Nilla is also a synonym to words like "bro", "homie", "dude", ect.
What up Nilla?

I love you Nilla.
Fuck you Nilla!!!
by YamiNilla October 21, 2020
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The new word for homie, dawg, dude, bruh bruh, or nigga but vanilla version! Ultimate game changer, the word white rappers can use instead of nigga.

Pronunciation: N-ILL-a

Created by: Mic-Nasty 7/21/14 "Original Nilla"
Dequan: "Yo who's that white boy over there?"
John: "Oh you mean Mike?! Bro that's my Nilla!"
by Mic-Nasty July 24, 2014
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"Nilla" is a Tamil word that means moon. Usually a girl named as "Nilla" often represents a girl with undeniable inner and outer beauty; An extremely gorgeous personality that never fails to attract her surrounding. She is the one in a million to have a pure and kind soul; That's her strength.
On the other hand, her outer beauty is something she may often deny but from other's perspective she is the unexplainably beautiful.

"Woah, look at the nilla that illuminates the night sky" he said pointing at the moon

"She must be the nilla, I mean look at her, she is a dream" she said.
by Abc01 December 27, 2017
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A slang word used by white people to refer to each other. Similar to the way blacks use Nigga.
1- "What's up my Nilla?"
2- "Can a Nilla get a wafer?"
3- "Ya'll gotsta rememba that a Nilla is a delicious treat, not just another cracker!"
by Blotto98 November 25, 2008
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White peoples form of Nigga, only to be used by Caucasian-American towards other Caucasian-americans. If used by a black person, said black person is a racist.
Luke- "Whats up my nilla?"
James-"Nuthin much bro"
Tybrone-"Hey nilla's"
Luke and James-"RACIST!!"
by KINGoftheNilla's March 9, 2012
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a fellow white person. (used as a nonderogatory term for a friend.) The term was adapted as a friendlier version of the derogatory term cracker.
Hows it going my Nilla? ,,,,, Hey Nilla!. ,,,,,,,, Eric Hudson, My Nilla!
by philablasta January 20, 2011
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A term used to describe a white friend who is invariably gangsta.
Drawn from 'vanilla', with reference to a very similar term employed by rap artists and the like.
A: Wassup my nilla!

B: Waddup dawg, you cool?
by SamP.Weller August 9, 2010
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