how do i look in this dress?
uh... u look good...
by gahz November 12, 2003
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White lie is information you have said that only includes things you want to say and excludes things that you don't want to say so technically while you haven't said any lies you haven't told the whole truth.
Mom: Did you brush your teeth?
Kid: Yes (but that was yesterday; while "yes" is true it is white lie because information lacks that it was yesterday)
by mcored June 3, 2017
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A lie about something trivial, or a lie for which there will be few consequences if you're caught.
"Tom, did you do your homework?" (Tom, busy at the computer playing games, his unopened backpack next to him), "Yeah, Mom." or
"Tom, did you brush your teeth tonight?" (Tom, who just got in bed and is extrememly ready for some shut-eye) "Uh, yeah Mom."
by Erik, aka VladtheBad February 20, 2004
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a lie, but told to spare someone's feelings
Did you think I danced okay in the Nutcracker mom?

Umm. Yes, of course.

(The mom was telling a white lie.)
by scrutinize December 29, 2016
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1) A lie told with the intent of sparing someone’s feelings.
2) The reason why, in reality, the female gender is less honest.
"I only view you as a friend." is a common white lie. It usually means 'I don’t like you and don't want anything to do with you'.

"I love you too" can also be a white lie. This is one of the few white lies more commonly told by men.
by Santa Claus. December 17, 2008
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lies that white people have told others to make their self look righteous
always show their selves on tv.doing work over in poor countries ,but robbing them blind with white lies to get there resources and to experiment on people
by reject of lies February 21, 2014
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A lie told to prevent an argument or bad feelings over something generally meaningless
Male telling a white lie: "No dear, I did't talk to my female friend (the one you hate infinitly) for days now!"
by arlyin August 4, 2015
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