The capital and the largest city of Albania, having 800 000 of the 3.5 million inhabitants of the country. Tourists find it interesting, nice and cheap. Tirana though, suffers from dense neighborhood and air pollution due to its rising car numbers.
by tiranë June 20, 2011
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An amazing and unique individual with pretty dark eyes and black hair . She has a good sense of humour, can make you laugh, is compassionate and beautiful inside and out. Getting to know this individual is a privilege that happens to a rare few.
Have you met Tirana, she is one of a kind.
by fgfyjhko;p;opoppuiutyre January 17, 2015
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A tirana is a very outgoing type of person. It is a adjective. When calling someone a tirana you are giving them a compliment. Usually it is someone with long black hair. That person also is very beautiful. They have a great sense of humor. When calling someone a tirana, you are saying they are extremely artistic.
Wow, someone called me a tirana today. I was so complimented.
by Yomommm November 18, 2011
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The worst place to study or work at. Synonym of a shit hole.
A: Hey where's your new job at?
B: British school of Tirana
A: Shit was the morgue not hiring?
by Mokky1983 August 13, 2022
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