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Whippany is a small town in northern Morris County New Jersey. Most kids here either attend Bee Meadow elementary school or Salem Drive elementary school, Memorial Junior School, and Whippany Park High School. In Whippany, everyone knows everyones business, and everyones mothers business too. It is mainly known for OPK (Operation Pain Killer) where a student in the highschool began a profitible percocet selling business.

Other names of town/schools:
The Whip, Whip Set, Whippany Perc, Gayest Town in the World
"Dude i just met some chicks from Whippany at GoodTimez and they just started sucking me off!"
by George Manning December 29, 2007
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Also known for gym teachers who have sex with students, and the most dick principal ever.
Whippany Park is the sister school, and almost as slutty, as Hanover Park.
by Hahaha! Manning... July 10, 2008
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You know your from Whippany when...
1. The only sub you wanted was Mr. Mitaliano
2.Or Mrs. Vitale
3. QC was poppin' after school (but only on halfdays and fridays)
4. Mennen is THE place to start clique drama (and make DJ Earl give B-day shoutouts every ten seconds)
5. Whenever there are police sirens you will hear at least 10 people go "Ooooooo someones speeding!"
6. Football, soccer, and hockey games are where its at
7. You hate Morristown kids
8 Actually anyone from Morristown
9. That computer teacher and that Music teacher are dating
10. Bee Meadow is shit, Salem is lit, and Mountveiw is shady as fuck
11. Brickyard is the shit
12. Going to the back lakes at night makes you a fucking savage
13. Your gym teacher is a fucking sociopath (cough mcpeek cough)
14. You have/had a teacher that is under the age of 26
15. You felt the BERK in the 2016 MJS election
16. Every boy thinks they're black even though the town is legit 98% white
17. Fucking everyone is a secret millionaire
18. When the fuck is that mini mall gonna be done?????
19. Does anyone really go to Molly Malone?
20. Planet Swirl is the place (to eat the pizza you got at Lombardis to piss off Vin)
21. The fire works
22. When you can't go to Vets for the fire works you go to Pine Plaza
23. The ongoing war of the 2018 class of MJS girls V.S. the dresscode
24. Mrs. Sackerman's extra cred game is actually life
25. Chromebooks
Whippany, AKA The Whip, is fuckin lit
by DatBoiiiiiiiiiiiî November 13, 2016
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A town in Morris County, New Jersey. The two main elementary schools are Bee Meadow and Salem Drive. The Middle School is Memorial Junior School. The highschool is Whippany Park High School. Whippany is a great town to live in. Everyone is friendly. Most people are secret millionaires. Many people are very modest. Instead of being like a person in Chatham driving a porsche, you would see a person from Whippany with the same amount of money driving a Toyota. No one cares about how rich you are. Everyone is rich besides the small amount of minorities. Many minorities however, are moving in making the town seem poor.
Guy 1: "Dude his house is huge, but he drives a Honda?" Guy 2: "Yeh, he is really rich, but hes from Whippany"
by d stain June 21, 2011
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1. the only sub you want Is mr mataliano

2. quick check is the shit ( only on half days and Fridays )
3. Mr Becker is scary
4. Palermos is the place to be
5. patriots path and the river is extremely fun
6. Hanover tigers went 4 years undefeated ( won championships in Ohio )
7. Beemedows shit, Salem is lit, mount view is sketchy af
8. Mennen is the place to be if you want to see Whippany and Morris town have a fight
9. loves everyone from Cedar Knolls
10. rip olm
Whippany shit for dayssss
by tina Perry November 06, 2018
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