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Hanover Park is a pretty DOPE school. There are some alright teachers, and a few pretty cool kids. It’s an outdoor campus based off a California design in north jersey(which fucking sucks). One thing you should about this school is that it’s filled with Italians, nic fiends, and stoners... a lot of stoners. When I went to this school almost half my grade was stoned every single day. HP is also one of the only schools in NJ with random drug testing(which haven’t solved any drug issues at this school). The vice principal is fucking low-life piece of shit thats number one goal in life is to ruin kids lives. All in all tho I’d say HP is a pretty DOPE school.
Random person: “yo does hanover park actually have random drug testing?”

Typical HP Stoner: “Yea bro, but that doesn’t stop anyone from skippin class and smoking grass. YERD!”
by Ron_Hansen June 1, 2020
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Hanover Park IL.

large village.. in Cook County and DuPage County, Illinois, population just under 40k , Just outside of the city of Chicago in Illinois

A nice place, also a place people (mostly out of Chicago) like to come when they are WaStED to come down from a 'hangover' and sometimes 'puke' (see number 3)

other than that a nice place to live... Nice houses and Parks and also clean streets.

Area Code is (630)
zip code is 60133

Also known as:

1.Hangover Park

2.Hanover Pork

3.Hangover Puke

4.hand-over the pork
**sometime in 1982**

Dewd 1: I'm wasted.. lets go to Hanover Park!
Dewd 2: Okay I'll have a hangover and puke!!

Dewd 1: Hey, thats a good nickname!!11one
Hangover Puke hahaha!!111one

Dewd 3: Hey my grandma lives there the name is Hanover Park.
by I like Old Style June 23, 2008
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Hanover Park is a village located in both Cook County and DuPage County, Illinois. The population was 38,278 at the 2000 census. Ontarioville is an area neighborhood within the village.

The town is served by several school districts. One is Elgin Area School District U46, a Unit School District. It serves an area of some 90 square miles in Cook, DuPage and Kane Counties. Almost 40,000 children of school age are in its area. U-46 is the second largest in Illinois behind Chicago Public Schools. Other school districts serving Hanover Park include Community Consolidated School District 93, Township High School District 211, Glenbard Township High School District 87, and Keeneyville School District 20


"Hanover Park is nice... the nicknames are not funni!"
by I like Old Style June 23, 2008
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