In baseball this is the part of an individual's swinging range in which as a hitter they can make the best contact with the ball. If a pitch is right in your wheelhouse it is right where you want it, in the spot where you have the best chance of hitting it well.

The term is also often used to explain something that falls into a person's area of expertise.
ESPN: "Konerko can hit the ball 500 ft. if it's pitched right in his wheelhouse."

Child 1: "How can we get this hot girl to take her clothes off?"
Child 2: "Ask Hugh Heffner, that's right in his wheelhouse."
by Nitrous0xide May 19, 2006
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Anything that can be acted on with confident success.
I'm guessing it originates from the fact that a wheelhouse is the room on the bridge of a ship where you steer from, providing you with clear view & control to steer the situation.
Have the handsome guy address that roomful of female sales potentials; it's right in his wheelhouse.

Singing this song in that key is right in your wheelhouse.

That pitch was thrown down & out, right in the batter's wheelhouse.

by ScottySlave October 29, 2007
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Wheelhouse- Another southern, very American word with meaning stemming back to into its origin in the mills. A wheelhouse in a mill is where water power (streaming water) is used to generate mechanical power by turning a huge wheel. The wheelhouse is where the mill sources its power, this translates to the commonly accepted definition today, the wheelhouse is where power is sourced from. In terms of throwing a punch (a strike) or swinging a baseball bat, In one's wheelhouse is where these strikes are most powerful.
Joe took that fastball absolutely YAHYAH, yeah its because the pitcher threw it in his wheelhouse.

pops hood dramatically on his 90's shitbox with a JDM swap* "Check out this wheelhouse"
by L STARKEY (STONKS) March 24, 2020
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An area of knowledge, specific interest, and familiarity...
Dude One: Will you look at the set of tits on that babe??

Dude Two: Damn...That's right in my wheelhouse!
by Roundhead December 04, 2009
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To consume quickly and gluttonously, especially as in junky snack food meant to be shared.
It took Ella and Henry three minutes to wheelhouse that bag of chips I had been saving since Thursday.
by elephantrock January 21, 2017
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A two-ton, four-wheeled, enclosed (as in a house) vehicle used by the majority of Americans for their daily transportation needs. While technically operated in the public right-of-way, Americans consider the interior of the wheelhouse to be their own, exclusive space, where they are not expected to socialize with their fellow citizens (similar to the non-wheeled house where people typically sleep at night).
It's no wonder the average American feels no sense of civic responsibility: Their lives consist of going from their house, to their wheelhouse, to work, and back.
by RChickenMan June 07, 2010
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