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used to not give the names of everything
Put your pot, the corpse and whatnot in the back of the car.
by eugenie March 01, 2004
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A vaugue term, often used indesciminately, to describe a thing or things that one would,usually for the sake of convenience, omit and sum up as "what-not"
"That bastard. Spends all his damn time messing with that ugly girlfriend of his.You know, just talking and what-not"
by drew August 12, 2003
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The details you forget to name, when naming other specifics.
Tony and Jennifer were packing up the car and told the kids to go back inside and make sure the doors were locked, and the lights were off and whatnot.
by spunkygurl November 19, 2010
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Used a a way to encompass many items, thoughts, aboslutes that are defined but are too numerous to be listed or the communicator is unsure what they actually are.
The next report will contain facts, figures of the impending impact of sales and what not.
by cateski June 15, 2010
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A more hip hop way of saying "etc", or a verbal way of expressing "..." It is said by those that have so much poppin' that they don't have the time or energy to explain what the "what not" is. This term should not be used by wannabe gangstas, as this will only serve to slash your street cred. People will know you have no substance behind your "what not."
"What are you doing tonight?"
"I'm gonna meet some people and what not."
by Lil' S, October 05, 2007
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Is to use to summarize your last words, sentence and or paragraph.
Hey dude i got some of those cookies and whatnot dude. They are awesome!

Hey man you need to get those new maps for your server and whatnot.
by Supah1337 February 12, 2008
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