a guy who thought the best came first but the first was last and all the goodis never worked
by Anonymous July 29, 2003
a guy who dares two swaps at walmart in one day
damn, look at whatnot run from them rent a cops
by WN March 11, 2003
Contrary to these other terrible definitions, it literally just means "and other, similar things." Or "whatever else."

Very common and simple to understand.
He is a normal boy; he likes to play video games, and sports, and whatnot.
by RichardRobert May 26, 2020
Guy1: What is this whatnotness?
Guy2: I know like what the fuck are we doing here?
Guy1: Fuck my life.
by farbsxsx January 23, 2009
The details you forget to name, when naming other specifics.
Tony and Jennifer were packing up the car and told the kids to go back inside and make sure the doors were locked, and the lights were off and whatnot.
by spunkygurl November 19, 2010
Commonly used by people with low IQ who use multiple double negatives when they speak. A Whatnot will have very few teeth that aren’t rotting out of their head and are usually conservative politically.
They ain’t gonna get non of them and whatnot.
by Cj in PA April 9, 2021
Commonly used by people with low IQ and who use double negatives in a sentence. A Whatnot will have few teeth that aren't rotting out of their head and usually are conservative politically.
They ain't gonna gen none of them and whatnot.
by Cj in PA March 24, 2021