This is a phrase that often means whatever "soothes your soul" or whatever "works best" Aka- Whatever you feel like doing.
So Amir what do you feel like doing tonight? Whatever floats your boat man.

This DDR song is really floating my boat.
by Jason June 30, 2004
This means whatever turns you on, interests you, suits you, something you like, your preference or choice
e.g. Q. 'Would you like to go skiing?' A. 'Whatever floats your boat' (your choice or preference)

e.g. Statement 'I prefer boys to girls'; Response 'I just like girls but whatever floats your boat is fine with me'.
by JacktheDog February 7, 2010
Your view is different then mine so I am going to tease you in a sarcastic way
Tom: I love going for long walks on Sundays, they make me feel so close to nature!

Tim: Riight... well whatever floats your boat man.
by sweetheart21 February 12, 2007
A term used to say, "I'm glad that makes you happy, even though I don't get it myself."

Comes from the term "man in the boat" referring to the clitoris and the female genitalia. So, if your boat is floating, you are quite happy.
1: I love eating pigs feet, they sure are tasty.

2: That sounds nasty, but hey, whatever floats your boat.
by The man in the boat June 3, 2005
(Idiom) What you do is your choice
You can go for the hot chick, or you can try and get a new car from that fat chick by eating her out, whatever floats your boat.
by Gumba Gumba May 17, 2004
thats what floats my boat at least.

also used as an expression which means "you can do whatever your preference is."
i dont see how that has anything to do with water, though...
Jeremy:Hey Chad want to go to Mcdonalds or Taco Bell across the street?
Chad:Whatever floats your boat.
Jeremy:uh, water?...
Chad:no, asshat.its an expression.
by ThaPigg September 7, 2008
An alternate expression for whatever helps you sleep at night, used to avoid to end an argument especially when someone says something absurd.
James: I think you're avoiding me.

Lily: Whatever floats your boat.
by punkmovement November 18, 2015