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A company with a very large number of brick and mortar outlets, often national if not worldwide. The corporate cultures of these profit-driven companies usually include an expectation of consistency from store to store, enforced by a rigid set of rules and a series of metrics that often measure variables which are outside their employees' control. This does not protect said employees from the consequences of failing to meet those standards.
Some of the best-known McCorporations include McDonald's (duh), Wal-Mart and Aldi.
by BornBlitzed January 2, 2018
An alternate pronunciation for hors d'œuvres, based on their unusual spelling and the idea that one can hoover them up one after another.

Often associated with people not known for their sense of culture, such as members of the working class. Can be used jokingly or ironically.
It's already halfway through the first quarter and I'm starving! When's your wife gonna bring out some hoover doovers?
by BornBlitzed October 4, 2011
I wanted to run apps like Swype on my iPhone, so I cracked it open and now I'm the proud owner of a poison Apple.
by BornBlitzed February 28, 2011
An environmentally-friendly reusable bag made from cloth or recycled plastic. Also known as a green bag though it can be just about any color.
Do you want your grandchildren drowning in plastic? No? Then take an eco bag or two with you whenever you shop.
by BornBlitzed August 6, 2010
My nephew can't cook to save his life, but even he knows how to make American goulash.
by BornBlitzed November 21, 2011
A requirement in certain Facebook groups, for new members to post either a meme relevant to the group or a screenshot of the conversation that brought them there.

It encourages interaction within the group, which also means that the group's posts are more likely to be seen by other members, and an active group is more likely to be tagged in future discussions.

Named for Ursula the Sea Witch, from The Little Mermaid. Just like her, the group's admins have the power to take away individual member's voices (by muting them) if they fail to follow the "contract" they agreed to. Originally found in Disney-themed groups, the term has grown legs (hah!) and is now seen here and there around Facebook.
I joined a group that makes fun of mansplaining, and for the Ursula tax I posted a screenshot of the mansplainer getting dragged.
by BornBlitzed April 8, 2021
(Also YMMV, APD) Your mileage may vary, and probably does. A form of ymmv emphasizing an expected difference of opinion.
They say that April is the cruelest month, but I think it's actually February. YMMVAPD.
by BornBlitzed January 12, 2009