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The shorthand version for expressions like "because of" or "because I am".

Made popular thanks to sites like Twitter, where brevity matters; now often used jokingly or ironically, even in regular conversation.
We're going drinking after class because Friday.

Tommy forgot to charge his iPad before the meeting because stupid.

I don't do drugs anymore because flying monkeys.
by BornBlitzed March 16, 2013

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A shorthand way of saying you agree with someone else's opinion. Often found online on message boards and chatrooms, but can also be used in real life.
Major.Trollster: OBAMMA IZ TEH N00B!
Sockpuppet_01: this

Jessie: "Cold Stone Creamery is way better than Ben & Jerry's."
James (pointing at Jessie): "This."
by BornBlitzed August 11, 2010

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Something you say to wake someone up gently. Implies that breakfast is ready, including bacon and eggs.

Note: There is almost never any bacon and eggs.
"Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey."

*Yawn* "Really?"

by BornBlitzed February 04, 2018

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A gender-bent Bowser, following Rule 63 of the Internet.
Bowsette has become all the rage, ever since someone posted a Twitter comic of him donning Princess Toadstool's Super Crown from the new Super Mario Bros U Deluxe, and turning into a rival for Mario's affections.
by BornBlitzed September 24, 2018

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1) This exists.

2) This is a current fad, fashion, or meme.
People really do travel to dangerous places just to take selfies. It's hard to believe that this is a thing.

Newt Scamander cosplay? This is a thing!

A smartwatch with an analog display: is this really a thing?
by BornBlitzed December 08, 2016

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Very similar to calm yourself, it's what you say to someone who's acting up, maybe buggin, or in serious danger of going postal.

For maximum impact, use it as a complete sentence at the end of whatever else you wanted to say.
Paris: You borrowed my new skinny jeans without asking? I'll claw your eyeballs out, you thieving skank!

Lindsay: Listen beyotch, they needed breaking in by someone with some actual junk in the trunk. I'll wash 'em before I return 'em. Relax yourself.
by BornBlitzed July 28, 2010

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A metaphor for having done something you regret and can't take back. As with too much alcohol, the more Mistake Whiskey you consume, the worse you feel; especially the next day. Coined by J. Jacques in his webcomic Questionable Content.
"I had already drunk three quarters of the bottle of Mistake Whiskey, so I figured I might as well finish the whole thing."
by BornBlitzed January 03, 2007

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