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A fever reducing painkiller known for it's liver toxicity when taken in semi-large doses, also known as APAP.

It's found in pretty much any drug that's popular to get high so they add APAP to prevent abuse. Common drugs include Vicodin/Lortab 5-500mg APAP/Hydrocodone and Dextromethorphan hydrobromide cough syrup formulas.

Avoid it if you can.
Bob: Hey man, I got some of this vicodin, wanna do some with me?
Richard: No thanks, it's got acetaminophen in it. I like my liver to be alive.
by ArctixFawx January 22, 2016
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A knife bump is done using some form of a knife to retrieve a small single dose of cocaine to be snorted. Usually seen at festivals or large outdoor parties where straws and whatnot aren't readily available.
"Dude, see that guy over there? He's giving out knife bumps to everybody who wants them, go get it!"
by ArctixFawx July 14, 2020
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It means you asking someone what is the temperature outside or inside. Can be "What's the C" for Celsius areas. (Or even K, if you wanted.)

Response ends with the actual temp. but you just say the number and 'F' at the end.
Dave: Hey dude what's the F?
Steve: It's 75 F.
by ArctixFawx June 17, 2011
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A blushing kitty face used in online forums and IMs
Sam: I love you
Grace: I love you too Sam
Sam huggles you tightly
Grace: :/3
by ArctixFawx June 26, 2010
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What you say to your parents when you're trying to be cool. You know you do it.
Word up, parents? You better be washing my dishes!
by ArctixFawx June 1, 2011
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A derogatory term for Eskimos.

The word originates from Eskimos making igloos, literally "packing ice or snow".
Bob: See that Eskimo over there?
Sherry: Yeah
Bob: He's a dirty ice packer.
Sherry: Oh you.
by ArctixFawx December 3, 2010
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