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the term for basic people when they show up late with starbucks and sweatpants
look at that whapp, i hate whapps
by cats R cool April 13, 2018
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The act of messaging or sending a picture to someone through the phone application called 'Whats app'
Haha dude, there's a guy at the zoo with his head up an elephant's anus! I'll whapp you a picture!
by Manish and Alan October 23, 2010
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PNW slang for cramming the maximum dose (usually heroine/opioids) in your vein, often to the point of losing consciousness.
Kevin traded that power drill & band saw yesterday for a teener of jib and a ball of black... Yo he took the fastest whapp in the McDonald's parking lot. Fool passed out in his McDouble.
by Gus Hutch November 03, 2017
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A racist noun, usually paired with other nouns, verbs, and adjectives, telling the recipient that they're an African American that has an immense odor.
Shaggy: You a shtanky doo doo.
Bak: You a double shtanky doo doo whapp.
crowd goes fucking wild
by whip und nae nae May 30, 2018
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